Setting Goals for the New Year

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“If I could cha-a-a-a-nge the world…” chants Eric Clapton. Sometimes I wonder if he or another singer of his stature recognizes how much they may actually havechanged the world. Then again, I believe we all have it in us to impact the world if we set our sights on big visions and work to see them come true. The outcomes never look the same in the end as the dreams did in the beginning, but sometimes it’s amazing to see how the change we set out to make can actually become reality – if we just plan, work and stay faithful.

This year, I’ve taken five areas I am passionate about and decided to share and to concentrate on their success – with my time, energy and by sharing the vision with others. Here’s a thumbnail of what this looks like from my vantage point:

1. Not Too Small…

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About Drew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is an attorney with 27 years of experience, now with Landmark Legal Services located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Andrew also founded Tinker Street Funding (Equity Crowdfunding platform) in 2015 and FLA-21 (Funding, Legal counsel and Advocacy) in 2016. Mr. Thompson ran for Congress in 2016 on a platform of fighting for the restoration of individual liberty and limited government. Mr. Thompson's practice involves helping entrepreneurs and small businesses acquire, sell, finance and establish the business platforms to succeed, and protecting those businesses, homeowners, parents and families in business, the courtroom, and their lives.
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